Q: Can I sign up for a membership online/over the phone? 

  • A: NEW MEMBERS (or anyone who has not been to our facilities since June 2020)  must sign up in person so we can set you up in our system, provide a keytag, take your membership picture and sign our waiver.  
  • RETURNING MEMBERS:  If we have a membership profile picture, accurate contact information, and a signed waiver and you have a keytag, we can set you up with any membership over the phone.  Online joining is not an option at this time.

Q: I am under 18, can I sign up for a membership?

  • A: YES! 15 and older are allowed to join the gym. Anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent sign a waiver allowing them to workout at the gym. 
  • 15 and under must workout during staff hours and clearly be confident in their program. If they are new to the gym, we require at least one training session with our personal trainers to learn proper form and appropriate exercises.
  • 13 and 14 year olds may workout WITH an ADULT Member (or both child and parent can pay for a drop-in) but only after 12 noon pm. It is too busy in the morning for learning/teaching to take place in the gym and maintain safety for the child. 

Q: Does my membership grant access to both Sea Isle and Avalon?

  • A: If you have an Avalon membership, your keytag will work for both Avalon and Sea Isle.
  • If you have a Sea Isle membership, your keytag will only work in Sea Isle.


Q: How does the keytag work for entry?

  • A: When you begin your membership you will receive a keytag that will grant access to our facility during non-staff hours. We will activate it for you at the gym.
  • If you are looking to renew your membership over the phone please give us 24 hour notice beforehand to ensure your keytag is updated.(your signed waiver, photo and emergency info must be on file to do so)  

Q:Can I share my keytag?

  • A: NO. If you do, your membership will be terminated.

Q: What do I need to know to use the gym?

  • A: Perfect Gym Etiquette is Required. Do not talk on a cell phone. Do not play a video or your music for others to hear, earbuds required. WIPE DOWN ALL EQUIPMENT AFTER YOU USE IT.  Shirts and closed toe shoes are required. Everyone must sign a waiver to workout, attend a class, or to work with a trainer and we will also need a photo of you in our system Members need to scan their keytags at the front desk or check in with staff at the front desk. PLEASE RECYCLE!  

Q: What are your hours?

  • A: Our staff hours vary. All members will have keytag access. Keytag hours are 5am-8pm 365 days of the year… As long as you are in the gym before 8pm, you can finish your workout after 8pm. .

Q: What do I do if I want to bring a guest?

  • A: Guests must always come in during staff hours. We will require their basic info, picture and signed waiver. NO guests are allowed in during staff hours.
  • If you anticipate that you would like to bring a guest during non-staff hours, they can be sure their account is set up with aforementioned requirements, obtain a keytag, provide a credit card for our files and notify us during staff hours prior to visit and we can activate the keytag for that day you choose to “drop in”  

Q: Are drop ins welcome?

  • A: Yes! You can drop in to workout or attend a class. New members must fill out our Mindbody form and sign our waiver before they can workout. 


Q: How do I sign up for classes?

  • A: You can sign up for our classes in advance using the Mindbody app (Playstore  / Google Store) or website connected to Surfside Fitness!
  • Payments can also be made here. You can find this under the locations for each gym. New members MUST sign a waiver before attending classes. 

Q: How can I use my class packs?

  • A: Class-packs may be used interchangeably between our Sea Isle Studio, Sea Isle Beach Bootcamp, our Avalon Studio, and Avalon Beach Bootcamp.
  •  15pack Beach Boot Camp Class Pack and All Season Beach Boot Camp Class Passes are only available for use for Beach Bootcamp. 

Q: Are classes included in the membership price?

  • A: Memberships include gym access only, classes are available for purchase as single drop in classes or in class-packs.
  • We do offer great Gym Membership/Class Pack COMBOS

Q: Why was there a class cancellation? 

  • A: If there are less than 5 people signed up for a class at 6pm the evening before, we will cancel the class and send out an email to all participants. The class will be credited to your Mindbody account to use another time.


Q: What do I need to do to sign up for personal training?

  • A: Ask us! or send a message to us via
  • To ensure you have the best experience with personal training and to match you with the best trainer for you, we will send you some questions back to learn more about you, your previous fitness experience, your schedule, your goals, and your health history. Then we will schedule your first appointment. 

Q: Do I need a gym membership to do personal training?

  • A: No, you do not need a membership with us to work with one of our personal trainers, but we do recommend them for those who are looking to workout days they are not with a trainer. Personal training clients do not need a keytag unless they have a membership. 


Q: How can I stay updated on the most recent Surfside news?

  • A: Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or check for the recent updates.
  • You can also always email us at or call our Avalon (609-967-9023) or Sea Isle (609-263-9023) for any updates, questions, or extra information. 

Q: My keytag didn’t work and I couldn’t get in. What should I do?